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Vitamin D - Solar energy for our body.

Vitamin D is essential to the human health and we can get it for free through our solar panels (skin) from the sun. Food supplementation is also an option but the efficiency of sun is far superior.

So how does the sun help us make vitamin D?

Sun rays hit our skin and react with a molecule called 7-DHC (7-dehydrocholesterol) and this causes a process to convert to vitamin D3. A binding protein then gets this epic Vitamin into our blood and transports it through our body to where we need it especially the liver. The liver then gets this processed into calcitriol which then gets sent to fat tissue storage or the kidneys. There are heaps of that calcitriol does but mainly it regulates the calcium levels in our blood.

Without vitamin D we would be at risk of cardiovascular issues, weak bones, immune response, calcium deficiency, chronic inflammation and the list of cancers related to vitamin D deficiency is massive.

So eat your oily fish, eggs and good fats, sit in the sun for as long as you can with out getting sunburnt and if in this is not possible find a GOOD vitamin d Supplement.

Thanks for the read.

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