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SLEEP - The A-Z of 'Shut Eye'

Sleep is imperative to our existence as a human. With out it we are functioning well below our optimum and we are as grumpy as a pirate without whisky. We know from lots of sleep scientists that we should be getting about 7-9 hours of sleep a night, with the lucky few of us around this blue planet that get away with 5 or 6,

So why de we need sleep as a human?

You know when your tired and are trying to make decisions but

its the hardest thing in the world? Well sleep will help with that as well as even helping you get creative with your decisions and other problem solving.

Sleep also helps stop cravings for rubbish food, even one night of bad or no sleep can get you eating more than normal and craving the yucky stuff.

Sleep is a major contributor to a good immunity, with increase in hormone function and production. This is along with a good waking and pre-bed protocol will help you avoid getting sick often if at all.

Cognitive function and memory are also affected by lack of sleep and is a huge contributing factor to the demise of daily functionality as we age.

If performance is something that you are trying to improve at work, in the gym or even in between the sheets, then look your first step should be a good night sleep.

Stress relief is free and natural and comes in the form of a great sleep. The better your sleep patterns and quality of sleep the more resilient you will be with your stressors in daily life.

What are some good ways to get that quality sleep?

  • Get outside and see the sun first thing in the morning. This will help start getting your circadian rhythm in to line.

  • Exercise - Move and get sweaty, not only will this send a message to your body that you are ready for he day ahead but will get you ready for reparation time when you sleep.

  • No caffeine after noon.

  • No booze after 6. No alcohol is best for sleep but if you do indulge stop early so your body can focus on doing its thing at night rather than dealing with the bottle.

  • Get off your screen at least an hour before bed but a bigger gap is better.

  • Bone broth or collagen before bed is al

so recommended as the glycine in both of them will get you in to a deep sleep of happiness.

  • Keep a nice cool dark room with as much quiet as possible.

Thanks for the read and goodnight 😴!!!

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