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MCT Oil - What, Why & When?

Not all fats are equal and not all fats are treated equally by the body. You see when we eat refined high-polyunsaturated fats (highly processed vege oils), which are EVERYWHERE in todays foods, they oxidise to form free-radical chain reactions throughout the body. This happens because they are simply missing their hydrogen atoms, which means they are unstable and prone to oxidisation especially when heated. Over time this free radical damage causes skin disease, heart disease, liver damage, immune dysfunction premature aging, inflammation and cancer.

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides is a fatty acid that is digested so easily by the body that it heads straight or the liver for ketone production . This all happens with out getting caught up n the digestive system and can be used by cells as energy way faster than other fats.

MCT OIL is pure medium chain triglyceride which means it stays liquid form at all temperatures even though its a highly saturated fat. Perfect for adding to your shakes, coffee or salad dressing. Coconut oil is a common MCT oil derivative and can be a great way to start introducing MCT's in to your diet.

It is great to have your dose of MCT in your morning smoothie for that energy boost in the morning over the jitters of coffee or as an addition to your coffee for a more sustained intense boost of energy. Its a great tool to use to keep your brain functioning and staying in focus through out the day. It is also good for reducing hunger, increasing athletic performance, supporting blood sugar levels and supports fat loss. I have a teaspoon in my morning coffee or smoothie but everyone will be a bit different in doses, so figure out how best to take it for you and what doses, personal experimentation is best explored over a week or two to see how you go.

If you want to get the full effect of such an epic product, mix it with trying to get in a ketogenic state through diet and movement and you will feel next level.

If you want to try my favourite brand click the link below to get some in your life!!

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