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Bloody Annoying Hay Fever

Spring time is amazing, the sun is shining, the waters warming up and everyone is walking around with good energy and smiles for days. It is also the time of the dreaded Hay Fever onslaught and it kicks a lot of us in the butt every year.

So what is hay fever and how can we deal with it?

Seasonal allergies like Hay Fever trigger our immune system, when pollen floating through the air gets into our grill and sets the alarm bells ringing. Our body reacts, or actually over-reacts by unleashing a bunch of Histamine through out the body, causing those itchy eyes, runny noses or nasal clogging. This is quite fine if its dealing with a poison entering the body or a foreign toxin but why do we get it from just pollen?

Well, based on ancestral science, humans used to have a lot more parasites being carried around in them and this would intern cause the immune system to stay busy trying to keep them at bay. With all our sanitized, clean living in today's world, the rate of Hay Fever has risen as the human body's immune system has less work to do during non allergy seasons, so when it hits us, it jumps into overdrive giving its all.

So how can we deal with hay fever, other than going to the chemist for antihistamine?

Increasing Vitamin D - Studies show that even supplementing vitamin D helps sufferers reduce their symptoms.

Get Dirty - Hay fever is very common among sterile communities, so get in that dirt and run through that grass, long term it will benefit you.

Keeping good Gut Health - As well as fighting against food intolerances a good healthy gut has signs of connecting with non-food related allergens.

So if you suffer from Hay Fever, is time to get your diet in check, get sunbathing and start wrestling sheep in paddocks.

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