The Power Of Pregnancy

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

My outrageously beautiful wife just gave birth to our second healthy, happy little girl and we are all on cloud nine soaking it in. I thought I would write while my thoughts are fresh and clear, so I can recap and debrief

and also to share how super my wife really is.

Our first baby was a sinch, in to the hospital and she was born in 10 minutes, is it always this easy?(obviously a dad's writing this).

Then this one we where 5 days over due so our minds are going crazy with the waiting, the weath

er is warm so she is getting hot and bothered and my surfing time is down to just one hour!!!

We ended up getting to the hospital around 4 in the morning getting ready for well, just getting ready. T

he contractions are getting heavier, our first born is with us and is not sleeping and we know its go time. Our daughter finally falls asleep, epic, mums groans start getting gnarly, scary, and the midwifes are readying their battle stations. Our 3 year old wakes up and is immediately on the 'help mum wagon' throwing out words of encouragement, rubbing her back and giving her kisses. This is heart melting, but also you can see t

he admiration and pride come over her for her beautiful mum.

Ends up being a great birth, some weird positions, some crazy noises, lots of crying, lots of laughing and lots of love. The pride, love, admiration, respect and everything great I can feel for such an amazing human is multiplied by infinity. Her body being absolutely punished but with no sign of quitting, making people laugh in the midst of agony, showing her daughter that life isn't easy but the pay off's are out of this world and being the soul she is giving her the power to do anything.

Looking after her body, having the knowledge that she had great support around her and having the confidence in her self that she could do this is so powerful. It is also so important to know

that the preventative measures you take in life ( not the boring stuff), eating well, staying fit, keeping a clear mind and having a great support system, help when the time comes. Easier to be ready then to have to deal with anything that can go wrong. In saying that you never know what can and will happen but you can reduce the risk.

Proud Dad, out!

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