Welcome to DAD FIT. This is where us Dad's can get back in control of our health so we can keep up with our grom's and make our chicks go wobbly at the knees.

So What Exactly Is This Dad Fit Adventure?

Being Dad Fit is about keeping up with our kids and still having the energy to do our own things when we get the chance, its about showing our kids the right path to take in looking after our bodies and its about making ourselves feel better overall. We do this with a paleo aligned diet, heaps of movement and adjusting our lifestyle to a more hands on, active one.

What's included in the 21 day program?

  • Initial 45 Minute Consult

  • Personalised Training Program

  • 21 Day Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

  • Weekly Phone/Email Progress Consult

  • As Much Correspondence As Needed